How to Read Forklift Weight Capacity Plate

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Forkliftrivews.Com How to Read Forklift Weight Capacity Plate? One of the common forklift accident is exceeding the capacity limit. By understanding forklift weight capacity, you can avoid the most common forklift accident. Forklift capacity is the maximum load that forklift can afford to lift, and its written clearly at the nameplate.

So if the plate says the maximum load capacity is 5000 lbs, it doesn’t mean the forklift able to lift 5000 lbs load. Many factors are related, such as load dimension, weight distribution system, load placement, and forklift attachment. All those have significantly affected to forklift weight capacity.

Forklift Weight Capacity

How to Read Forklift Weight Capacity Plate

This is the maximum weight that forklift can lift safely, and this information could be found at data plate. The plate will show the weight that forklift can load at different angel, or when it fits into an attachment. So, never lift a load beyond the maximum capacity in any situations.

The nameplate will display forklift weight capacity, lift weight, load center, type, and model of the brand. Other data includes down rating capacity when placed into a mast. Just remember that the weight capacity will reduces when the load is not located into precise position.

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Forklift Weight Center

How to Read Forklift Weight Capacity Plate

Also known as forklift load center. It’s the main component which has big effect on how much load a forklift can lift. Again, this such information can be seen at the plate. This information will tell you about the maximum forklift weight capacity of a load to the center of gravity.

In a simple word, if the load is not placed precisely, a forklift might not be able to lift a load to its full capacity. A weight center is the ratio between a horizontal distance and vertical face to the center of gravity.

Sometime this ratio is affected by the load distribution at the pallet. If the load badly shaped or heavier on one side, then the load center will not work properly.

Forklift Weight Attachment

An attachment that applied at a forklift will affected on load center and load capacity. Make sure you get an information when calculating the load center and load capacity. Do not using any attachment if you didn’t get any information because it can lead to different result of calculation.

Applied an attachment will reduce the forklift weight capacity due to additional weight from the attachment, and sometimes it can make the load center move a bit forward. And because the center of gravity move a bit, the maximum weight must be reduced to avoid tip-over.

For this reason, the operator must calculate the weight of attachment to find the approximate load capacity. It is good idea to speak first with an expert before applying additional attachment to forklift that will change the overall forklift weight capacity.

How to Read Forklift Weight Capacity Plate – Lift Height

Forklift with high mast commonly has two weight capacities written on the plate, for minimum height and for maximum height. This allows the driver to use the forklift at different circumstances, such for low heavy load and high lighter load.

Don’t forget to pay attention to net capacity and rated capacity while doing calculation. Every forklift operator must be aware about forklift weight capacity and load center as mentioned at the plate. By doing this, the accident can be avoided significantly. Also, the cost of those accident can be reduced.


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