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Caterpillar v60d Forklift Review

Basic Things to Know About Specs Forkliftrivews.Com Caterpillar V60d Forklift, also widely known as Cat V60d, is an innovative handling tools for any kind industries. This handling equipment is the best model which reliable for any purpose, also able to meet every services and demand as its basic function.

A forklift is an industrial vehicle, mostly trucks, to move and lift heavy material or product at a short distance. It’s a common thing for numerous types of modern industries using forklift as standard equipment. Forklift is reliable enough to lift any heavy material, depending on the capacity.

caterpillar v60d forklift

Caterpillar V60d Forklift Specs

Produced in Texas, Caterpillar V60d Forklift is built to meet environmental system standard of ISO 14001. The overall design is able to increase the level of productivities when it comes to material handling. The versatility of Cat V60d was convenience enough for every operator to finish every task.

As its names, Caterpillar V60d Forklift is manufactured by caterpillar with the model number of V60d. Each Cat V60d has different serial number, so it’s very questionable if there are two models with one serial number in it. The power type of Caterpillar V60d Forklift using LPG, which is powerful enough to handle various tasks.

caterpillar v60d forklift

Other specs of Cat V60d you should know like, it has side shift, two stages, and propane fueled engine. Caterpillar V60d Forklift equipped with wide compartment to give more spaces for the operator. Due to less operating effort and the overall specs, Cat V60d sets a new standard in this field.

What’s more, Caterpillar V60d Forklift was fully equipped with such a high tech. it has a fork carriage as a standard tool, high strength mast, panel displays, presence detection system (PDS), and a fingertip control feature. All those specs are able to boost more efficiency level further more.

Other Caterpillar Forklift Models

caterpillar v60d forklift

There are lots of models beside Caterpillar V60d Forklift with different capacities. Those models are based on load capacities, from 2.500 lbs to 36.000 lbs. The main aspects that distinguished both models are the pneumatic wheel loader with electric counter weight and the pneumatic wheel lift with combustion engine.

Every models have its own ability to provide best performance for different purpose. With those powerful Cat V60d, every industry has bigger chance to minimize downtime without any limitations. Cat V60d will meet various criteria of modern industries nowadays.

caterpillar v60d forklift

It requires less maintenance due to high specs combination. Every forklift models will assist various industry of any scale, and effectively reducing the moving time from one place to another. The final result will be amazing because the overall time will be saved.

But beware of dummy product. There are, sometimes, reconditioned product that using the same serial number as the original one. Before planning to buy one, try to look the serial number first at the nametag. On the Cat V60d model for example, the nametag can be found near the dashboard.

If you can’t find the nametag due to fallen or other matters, try to look at its frame. The serial number of Caterpillar V60d Forklift is usually stamped physically at the frame, just try to check it. All the models of forklift was priced differently according to its features, but it range from $18.000 to $25.000.

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